The multilinguistic Event

An event to promote language learning and multiculturalism through educational activities, music, gastronomy, sports and other cultural activities.

These are some of our activities. See the full program below.

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These are some of our activities. See the full program below.

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Collaborators and Sponsors

Admission is free and open to all ages.


Ciudad de las Artes y de las Ciencias


With this project, the LANGUAGE EXCHANGE VALENCIA (VLE) association aims to promote language learning from a different perspective, emphasising the need to use languages to acquire full competence. VLE already has extensive experience in organizing this type of event, holding a “language exchange” on an almost daily basis in which hundreds of people meet to improve their knowledge of a particular language.[read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]

The INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE FESTIVAL, in addition to bringing together people of all ages interested in practicing their language skills, aims to organize various activities related to languages: music, theater, conferences, gastronomy and training, all mixed in a unique space dedicated to linguistic and cultural exchange.



is one of the largest language exchange groups in Europe. As a politically independent, non-profit, non-governmental organization, VLE is an association open to people of al ages with an interest in learning a new language and sharing their own. [read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”] The idea originated in 2008, when 7 people of various nationalities, living in Valencia, decided to meet sporadically with the aim of practicing their respective languages and learning new ones. Today, 8 years later, these meetings are attended by over 150 people every day, with a group of over 15,000 members:

How Valencia Language Exchange works

In addition to the weekly meetings (every day of the week in a different establishment, in order to reach more people), VALENCIA LANGUAGE EXCHANGE organizes all kinds of events: trips to the mountains, cultural outings, karaoke, etc.. Over time, Valencia Language Exchange has become a big family for all the local people who attend these meetings, having had the opportunity to meet hundreds of people of different nationalities and cultural backgrounds.

How the meetings work

VALENCIA LANGUAGE EXCHANGE provides its users with the necessary resources to hold these meetings, with the collaboration of several bars, cafés and restaurants with sufficient capacity to host this type of event. The operation is very simple: when each person arrives at one of these establishments, an organizer is assigned to direct them to a table where other people interested in speaking a particular language have sat, either because they are learning it or because it is their native language. A few minutes after the start of each event, the establishment in question has become a multilingual gathering place.



Organized by Valencia Language Exchange with the collaboration of several public and private entities.


The best place to know more than 30 schools from all over the world are coming to offer these courses,


Concerts, theatre, dances, workshops, paintings etc.. more than 100 artists.

Gastronomy and market

International cuisine: to know better a culture you have to its food.

There will a fleamarket organised by..

Who is this festival aimed at?


Speaking in a foreign language opens the doors for you on a personal and social level. It gives you mobility, travelling becomes more fun and it is easier to make friends, as well as experiencing and learning about new cultures.


It is very important to learn languages from an early age in order to assimilate them naturally. At these ages, the brain is said to be a “sponge” and it is the perfect time to start feeding it with linguistic stimuli.


It’s never been easier! We bring foreign schools to Valencia so that you can easily find out about the different courses they offer by visiting their booths.

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