``Asociación Musical del Colegio Alemán``

German (Classic music)
The relationship between DSV  and music is part of the Valencian music history. The school has hosted exceptional concerts throughout its history of more than one hundred years. ”More”


Indie Rock
BANGOO brings back retro gaming arcade styled synthesizers, combining them with fresh guitar sounds and indie rock’s messy rhythms. Band Members : Robin // Víctor // Víctor // Coke Awards Finalistas del concurso de bandas MurrayClub Valencia 2015 , Finalistas del concurso de bandas Pasa el Micro de La N Flotante 2017, ”More”  


English & Spanish (Rock)

Crececonmúsica is a space to enjoy music at any age. We train creative and professional musicians, who live the learning process in a happy and motivated way. The musical growth is carried out through a natural method of teaching similar to the one we use to learn languages: children ”More”

Elen & Roseville

French & Arabic (Folk)

Elen & Roseville is the result of the personal project of Elena G. Morillas with the Roseville Band. Rock, blues, folk, chanson française and ethnic music … through lyrics composed in English, French and Arabic


Ska, Balkan in Spanish/Valencian

Jazz mixed with Funk, Ska and Reggae… in a Valencian style.

The Band: Victor Sánchez (bass, synth and vocals) Arnau Centelles (drums and vocals); Justo Fernández (keyboard); Manuel Gómez (alto sax and vocals); Sara Pacheco (soprano saxophone and vocals) David Picón (saxophone baritone and vocals) Javier García (tenor saxophone and vocals)

La Golferia

Español (Ska)

La Golfería is composed by 8 musicians from the most diverse styles, from Punk to Jazz through Rock and Pop. La Golfería offers a dynamic and fun show. Voro, leader of the band,  combines his powerful voice ”Más”

Little Mozart Music School

German/Spanish (Folk)


Ona Nua and JL Hàrbár will close  the festival. This time MuLTiLiNGuS show us a more intimate atmosphere, with songs from the project “Uncle Cane”, shared with Paco Romeu and Miquel Gil.  ”More”


English / Italian (Metal)
Ndujah formed in the beginning of 2018, in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. As everybody wonders, the band name comes from a soft sausage, typical of Calabria, in the south of Italy.Started as an attempt to play heavy metal covers in a local event, later becomes a project to write original music ”More”


Latin Jazz
The “OìЯTRíO” is an innovative music trio in Valencia. It consists of three instrumentalists: Peter Sebastian (saxophone), Aurelio López, (bass) and Vicent “Suso” Martínez (percussion). They describe  their music as “minimalist Latin jazz”. Their repertoire includes both the great hits of Latin American music ”More”

Rock or Nothing

Spanish / English (Rock) (Kids of 11 - 15 years)
These guys between 11 and 13 years old share their passion for rock music offering a funny and entertaining show for all ages.


Valenciano (Rock)


A.C. Grup de danses La Senyera

The dance group La Senyera was born in 1976 thanks to Pilar García Comeche. with the aim of promoting Valencian folklore. The group represented worldwide the Valencian community and it took part in several festival and competions in  Belgium, Germany, Portugal, Italy, France,Hungary, Romania, Turkey and China, etc.

Escuela de Samba 'Río Valencia'

Brasilian (Samba)

The Samba School ‘Río Valencia’ was born in 2013 and was the only samba group in the city of Valencia. Our strenght is the samba, as they say in Brazil, with ‘coração’. We chose to focus on carioca samba (including samba-enredos) ”More”

Mediterrània Escola de Dansa Irlandesa


We are the main Irish dance school in southern Europe, linked to the Irish World Academy of the University of Limerick. We are already in Catalonia and we just started our first steps in Valencia. Irish dance attracts people of all ages and cultures ”More”


Alba Arroyo Fructuoso

Flamenco Masterclass
I started my studies at eleven years old, with the admission to the CPDV .I took part in different shows and galas held in the province of Valencia: Alzira Cultural Week for 3 years in a row at the “Gran Teatro de Alzira”, Festival Intramurs de Valencia;  ”More”

Tallers & Theaters

Mintaka Club Teatro

Spanish, Valencian, English
Picanya Teatro is project based on self-knowledge world and its movements, on theater and its universal values. The Theater is a place in which people can better know themself , enhance self-esteem and develop their talents. Picanya Teatro is a pedagogical project with the aim of helping the students to discover ”More”

Le avventure di Alina- Marina Rivera

Italian (Music taller)
The character and the project The Adventures of Alina are an idea by Marina Rivera, author and illustrator of children’s books. Marina has curated projects for children in the field of editorial communication and carries out an intense educational activity for schools, libraries, cultural centers and bookstores for children ”More”




They offer English classes through games, entertainments for private events, festivals and workshops / activities so children can learn English while they do what they like best. FUN & LEARNING



Club de Profesores is made by a group of titled and untitled people related to the world of education and formal and non-formal education. It’s been almost 3 years since  they got together to share their knowledge. They have people ”Más”


Katherina, Zumba Instructor since Feb 2017 and she loves teaching  Zumba. The reason is simple: every class looks like a party! Come and enjoy! You will have fun and lose  calories.


Goboflexia y juego gigante
SOMRIURES specialized animation and education for kids, where we create activities to promote education, entertainment and fun always adapted to the age of the participants and planned in order to enhance socialization, personal development and recreation.