The idea originated in 2008, when 7 people of various nationalities, living in Valencia, decided to meet sporadically with the aim of practicing their respective languages and learning new ones. Today, 9 years later, these meetings are attended by over 150 people every day, with a group of over 15,000 members.


VLE is one of the largest language exchange groups in Europe. As a politically independent, non-profit, non-governmental organization, VLE is an association open to people of al ages with an interest in learning a new language and sharing their own.

The initiative started in 2008, when 7 people of different nationalities, living in Valencia, decided to meet  with the intention  to practice different languages. Today, 9 years later, these meetings host more than 150 people on daily basis, and count more than 15,000 members in Valencia.


The festival showcases different linguistic, cultural, gastronomic and musical offerings, attracting the indifferent and inciting the undecided. It also attracts families and students of all ages and backgrounds who are committed to multilingual education.

Valencia Language Exchange needs your help to accomplish this project and to grow together with you, and that is why we would be delighted to get your collaboration.

CoAcad (This year’s winning agency)

CoAcad is a language course agency abroad.

But it’s different. Different how? CoAcad was founded by 20 volunteers from 15 different language exchange groups in 10 countries. These volunteers also needed to eat and didn’t want to give up what they were doing, and that’s how this idea came about, to benefit themselves as well as the students. CoAcad gets discounts from the schools for language exchange members and the schools also pay them a commission. With this, courses can be up to 20% cheaper than at other agencies.

CoAcad has helped us get foreign language schools to come to inform about language courses abroad. There will be over 16 schools, coming from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Malta, Canada, United States, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, etc. If you are looking for a language course abroad, don’t miss this…